Creative market miễn phí tuần 4 tháng 10

Tuần từ cuối cùng của tháng 10 bắt đầu từ 22/10 đến 29/10 creatvie market sẽ cho phép bạn tải về miễn phí 6 item sau.

Shockwave SVG Collection

Introducing the new Brush Fonts SVG with the real Brush Textured. Create with love so crafted, just type what you want and so easy to use into your project.

Pumpkins & Pears

Level-up your branding and create stunning social media feeds and boards, beautiful website imagery and incredible looking online shops to showcase your designs, messages, products and quotes intentionally, naturally, minimally and with grace.

Whirly Birdie Font

Until this font is fully developed- I'm putting up the first 26 characters for sale! This is an absolute steal if basic letters are all you need. You're not going to be typing paragraphs with this font, after all. This font is much too bold.

Vintage geometry patterns collection

This collection of vintage and elegant seamless patterns, blocks and amazing artboards. Mix and create anything from product packaging to vedding invitation. Ideal for stationery, print design and all you want!

BLANKS | Minimal Lookbook/Magazines

B L A N K S is a clean modern lookbook/magazines, perfects for your products showcase, fashion business, real estate, wedding, photography and etc. Easily Editable for easy understanding. Just drop in your own images and texts, and it’s ready.

5 Chalk Lettering Procreate Brushes

This set comes with everything you need to create realistic chalkboard drawings and lettering. It comes with three lettering brushes and two shading brushes that can be used to create background textures. Happy chalking! Easily Editable for easy understanding. Just drop in your own images and texts, and it’s ready.

Trên đây là link chi tiết đến từng item. Vì hết 1 tuần sẽ không còn download miễn phí được nữa vì vậy dưới đây mình sẽ để link dự phòng cho các bạn download nếu cần nhé.

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02/11/2018 10:32 pm

up link du phong di ban oi

22/11/2019 10:21 pm

cho em xin với ạ