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Creative Market miễn phí tuần thứ 2 tháng 9

Cứ mỗi đầu tuần Creative Market sẽ miễn phí 6 item bất kì có thể là font chữ, hình ảnh, các thiết kế, theme wordpress… Có thể là sẽ có những item bạn cần nhưng cũng có thể không, tuy nhiên mình cũng chia sẻ với các bạn để lúc nào đó các bạn cần đến thì có thể tải về từ link dự phòng của mình.

Item miễn phí trên Creative Market tuần thứ 2 tháng 9

Những item miễn phí của tuần này gồm: Hand drawn Watercolor Set

Hand drawn Watercolor Set

This is a New Big Great Watercolor Collection with flowers, bird, ornaments, background, wreath. All watercolor elements was hand painted, scanned and carefully prepared to the best use in design.  Download Paint Pens for Procreate

Paint Pens for Procreate

These 8 Paint Pen Brushes for Procreate are fully optimised for Apple Pencil- including Pen Pressure functions, allowing you to control the size, bleed and opacity of the brush! Download Sailors Diary Tattoo Style Font

Sailors Diary Tattoo Style Font

This font is ideal for banners and scrolls with traditional tattoo designs or posters with a lot of text. With more than 220 alternate letters and more than 180 special characters, punktuations and their alternates you can give text a real hand written character. Download 50 Seamless Vector Patterns Vol.1

50 Seamless Vector Patterns Vol.1

Inky Vol.1 includes a collection of 50 handmade, inky seamless vector and raster patterns in a variety of brushy stripes, llines, dots and spots and inky textures which you can either use as is, mix and match or overlay and create totally new designs. :) Download Soltz Vintage Layered Typeface

Soltz Vintage Layered Typeface

Introducing Soltz, a layered typeface inspired by vintage hand painted sign advertisements found in Atlantic City, NJ. Featuring 4 stackable styles that easily combine to make a wide variety of typography effects. Download Artistic Instagram Stories Pack

Artistic Instagram Stories Pack

Get this new Artisitc Instagram Stories Pack! Fully editable template, very easy to use and customize in Adobe Photoshop Download
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